Introduction To Polkatrain

What is Polkatrain?

Polkatrain is a decentralized fund-raising paltform that gives more opportunities to blockchain participates by Polkadot which enable developers to boost projects in Polkadot ecology both in finance and marketing.
Individual investors get a ticket to buy excellent projects tokens on Polkadot.Meanwhile there are pooling on Polkatrain opened to all the crypto fans all around the world.In the future, Polkatrain will be turn to based on Polkadot mainnet as soon as it’s smart contract is launched.

What we do?

  • Connect developers and fans in polkadot community.
  • Help developers to launch their projects on polkadot.
  • Help individual investors get a ticket to buy excellent projects tokens on Polkadot.
  • Medium, marketing and public relation to polkadot.

User Benefits?

  • Get a ticket to buy excellent projects tokens on Polkadot to individuals.
  • Make it easy for projects on Polkadot to raising DOT and marketing globally.
  • All the participates could poling by DOT with high rate in AMM.
  • What they get from pooling is POLT,which is Polkatrain token.

Entrust Plan

The DOT one project raised on Polkatrain could be managed by at least three representers they voted in community to multi-sign the DOT address. Teams monitoring by community with finance needs application every time and then the representers multi-sign and release DOT to them.

Smart Contract Audit Report

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